Rope Access Scaffolding


In line with our absolute dedication and specialisation in supplying the safest, most cost, time and resource efficient access system to our clients Vertech USA offers a highly effective and proven rope access scaffolding service to our clients. We believe that by supplying scaffold materials as well as being the installer is a conflict of interest in this mission and as such partner with material suppliers when this is a requirement.

Using IRATA rope access technicians with scaffold certification and experience to install modular or tube and clip scaffold systems will maximise project performance by increasing dynamic work positioning and ergonomics, reduce the risk for dropped objects and add an additional flexibility to the team structure and its associated capabilities.

As part of our commitment to improving safety and efficiency to our clients and the market as a whole we recently conducted a trial with multiple demonstrations at the Vertech AU training facility comparing tube and clip scaffolding installation with the team using fall arrest methodologies to rope access installation of the AT-PAC ring lock system. Our findings were that the combined At-Pac/rope access install provided a 55% reduction in man hours,  30% less material required for implementation as well as providing other safety and practical efficiencies. The Ring lock system provides a good alternative to traditional scaffolding, is proven to interface well with other systems due to its versatility, significant weight reduction and reduced components required.