Engineered Deck System


Vertech USA are leading providers of Engineered Deck systems. The Deck system provides a rigid work platform ideal for use in under-deck areas such as bridges, jetties and offshore facilities. This fully engineered system is directly comparable to similar scaffold platforms with a medium duty engineered Deck rated for loads of over 150Kg/m2 with capacity to be increased up to 300Kg/m2 if required.

The key advantages of the decking system are:

  •  Easy to transport, fast installation and removal, offering substantial time and cost savings over traditional access methods
  •  The modular nature of the Deck system, means the decking can be removed quickly in the event of a tidal or cyclonic event being forecast
  •  Lightweight construction reduces manual handling whilst maintaining its high load-carrying capability
  •  The ability to fully encapsulate the system makes it possible to create a controlled environment for blasting, painting, hot work and other hazardous activities
  •  Once installed and open, the system is accessible by anyone without the need for further fall protection