Confined Space Entry Services


Vertech USA know that working within confined spaces is one of the most high risk activities undertaken in the offshore industry. Resultantly, all Vertech USA personnel are trained in Confined Space Entry and rescue techniques.

Vertech USA have a proven track record in executing both inspection and maintenance activities within a range of confined spaces, including storage tanks, pressure vessels, cargo tanks, ballast tanks, riser turret moorings, caissons, legs, pontoons, columns and nodes - all of which have high potential for hazardous atmospheres.

Through a rigorous risk-based approach to the safety and wellbeing of our people, Vertech USA are able to safely manage and monitor isolations and environmental conditions within high risk areas. This often enables access to such areas with no interruption to ongoing production and operations whatsoever.

Vertech USA's experienced personnel are trained in, and fully conversant with, all controls required in order to safely enter (and monitor conditions within) any confined space. Our people are dedicated to proactively contributing to the safety of all personnel involved in confined space activities.